About the Council for Global Immigration

Council for Global Immigration - The Leading Employer Network Dedicated to Immigration
The Council for Global Immigration (formerly known as the American Council on International Personnel (ACIP)) is a leading voice and resource for employers working worldwide to advance employment-based immigration of highly educated professionals. Our members are companies, universities, research institutions and organizations throughout the world striving to ensure compliance with immigration policies so that they can employ the critical talent to remain competitive in the global economy. Since 1972, we have delivered to our members what no other organization can – a singular focus on providing employers with the knowledge, network and access needed to advance employment-based immigration of highly educated professionals. CFGI services include:
  • Access to immigration best practices, professional development and support through our employer-driven network;
  • A bridge to Federal policymakers through regulatory and congressional liaisons;
  • Personalized technical assistance on immigration policy compliance and case-specific resolution;
  • J-1 visa sponsorship services for training international employees in the United States; and
  • Organizational and professional development through educational events and weekly updates, including immediate alerts, on employment-based immigration announcements from the U.S. government.

Together, we are building the workforces of today and tomorrow.
Our Mission
To provide the resources and support necessary to advance employment-based immigration of highly educated professionals worldwide. By maintaining the highest standards of practice and compliance, the Council for Global Immigration bridges the private and public sectors to promote sensible, forward-thinking employment-based immigration policies.
Code of Ethics
Our members are the professionals responsible for overseeing immigration compliance at many of the world’s most influential employers. The Council for Global Immigration adheres to, promotes and expects the highest ethical standards of professional practice among its membership. Standards of professional practice include: understanding and complying with all government laws, rules, and regulations; choosing the course of highest integrity; treating all individuals with dignity regardless of their national origin; and respecting others’ confidentiality. CFGI and its members strive to avoid any action that may discredit the organization, its membership or the profession. This includes treating colleagues, government officials, and clients with respect, fairness and honesty. CFGI  expects compliance with its standards of integrity throughout its membership and will not condone the actions of any entity that achieves results at the cost of violation of law, deals unscrupulously or sacrifices ethical standards.